Book Club - Neverwhere

Saturday, June 24

4pm - 6pm


Each month we will discuss a book chosen by the group the previous month, as well as drink a tea that pairs well with it.

We are meeting this month on the 24th, and we have picked "Neverwhere", by Neil Gaiman a favorite author of ours.

You can chose to read the book in french or in english, but please note that we are reading the "author's preffered text" version.

"Richard Mayhew is a young London businessman with a good heart whose life is changed forever when he stops to help a bleeding girl—an act of kindness that plunges him into a world he never dreamed existed. Slipping through the cracks of reality, Richard lands in Neverwhere—a London of shadows and darkness, monsters and saints, murderers and angels that exists entirely in a subterranean labyrinth. Neverwhere is home to Door, the mysterious girl Richard helped in the London Above. Here in Neverwhere, Door is a powerful noblewoman who has vowed to find the evil agent of her family’s slaughter and thwart the destruction of this strange underworld kingdom. If Richard is ever to return to his former life and home, he must join Lady Door’s quest to save her world—and may well die trying."

We are partners with these independant librairies to give you 10% off the book of the month:
Argo Bookshop
Saga Bookstore

JuneHigh Tea- Prom Night

Sunday, May 25

3pm - 6pm


This month, Thesaurus Thérrarium suggests that you come celebrate the summer with us like you're sixteen again!

This June our theme is Prom and we invite you to come dressed in your most glamorous attire. This is a welcoming celebration for everyone, (as long as you are an adult!). If your missed your prom, if it sucked or if you want to relive parts of it, this is the occasion to do so, in our own delicious way.

As usual, the food will be prepared according to your dietary restrictions. and sign-ups can be made in-house, or by emailing thesaurus.therrarium@gmail.com. Tickets are 50$, and must be purchased a minimum of 48 hours in advance. Please note that past that deadline, they also cannot be reimbursed.

Bring your disposable cameras and polaroids!

NB: We kindly ask that you arrive for 3PM and not early, as the doors will be closed and locked the hour before the event, so that we can prepare the space.


Pour ce mois-ci, Thérrarium vous propose de célébrer le début de l'été comme si vous aviez de nouveau 16 ans!

Prom night est notre thème pour Juin et nous vous invitons à venir dans vos atouts les plus Glamoureux. Cette cérémonie est pour tous tant que vous êtes majeur. Que votre prom soit un bon ou un mauvais souvenir, il s'agit de l'occasion de réécrire celle-ci, ou d'en revivre une partie, à la façon délicieuse de Thésaurus.

Comme d'habitude, la nourriture sera préparée en fonction de vos restrictions alimentaires et les inscriptions peuvent être faites en interne ou en envoyant un courriel à thesaurus.therrarium@gmail.com. Les billets coûtent 50 dollars et doivent être achetés au moins 48 heures à l'avance. Veuillez noter que passé ce délai, ils ne pourront pas non plus être remboursés.

Emmenez vos tit-kodaks jetables!

NB : Nous vous demandons d'arriver à 15h et pas plus tôt, car les portes seront fermées et verrouillées une heure avant l'événement, afin que nous puissions préparer l'espace.